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Our activities are open to All students at Dalarna University. For us, it is important to have a variety of activities to suit as many people as possible. We look forward to meeting you!

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How to get around in Dalarna

You can go by bus:

You can go by train:


Excursions Borlänge

Our first tip is for the adventurous. You have the opportunity to explore an exciting mining environment 80 meters underground! The Adventure mine offers different types of guided tours, from easier to more advanced ones. You choose which one suits you!


Have you ever tried ostrich egg cake, grilled ostrich burger or ostrich ice cream? At Sahlin's ostrich farm, you are welcome to visit today's dinosaurs: the ostrich! And taste exciting dishes with ingredients from the farm. Also keep an eye out for their pub nights that are well worth a visit.

Sahlins struts

Craving for nature? Frostbrunnsdalen is a nature reserve consisting of a 1100 m long and 20 m deep valley on Tunaslätten. Fill the water bottle with fresh spring water and take a trip to the beautiful nature, finish with a gofika at Frostbrunnsdalen's café.


The iconic cottage Ornässtugan is located on a beautiful headland near the (invisible) border between Falun and Borlänge. This historic site is well worth a visit. Take a ride on long-distance skates around the headland during the winter or take a guided tour of the cottage during the summer.


Do you fancy some tea? Visit Murbo Anna's Farm Dairy & shop. Book a table at their amazing afternoon tea event or visit them during regular business hours.


Find more inspiration here:


Excursions Falun

Something you must see is Carl Larsson-gården just outside Falun in Sundborn. This was the home of the famous artist and his wife Karin. The home is incredibly well preserved, and we highly recommend you to go on a guided tour (make sure that you book this on their webpage). Feel free to make this a full-day excursion so that you have time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Sundborn. Bicycle rental is also available on Carl Larsson gården.
Carl Larsson-gården

The obviousness of course is the Falu Mine. Need no further description, it must be experienced on site. A tip from us is to visit Gjuthuset when you are there. It is a very popular café.
Falu copper mine

You do not have to go all the way to Sälen or Norrland to experience dog sledding. Book a ride and for the brave there is also the opportunity to drive the dog sled by himself.
Below Zero Husky Tours

Gather your friends and rent a sauna raft at Runn. It is just as nice in winter as in summer.

Craving for exercise? Take a bike ride around Lake Varpan (18 km) and enjoy a little extra when you pass through Bergsmansgårdarna. Go on a hot day and make sure to pack swimwear and fika.

You will find more information if you click the link below:


Nightlife activities in Borlänge

O'learys Borlänge has an activity center in the middle of Borlänge city center. They offers activitys such as bowling, shuffleboard, arcade games, VR games, private karaoke rooms and more. (NOTE, some activities are temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Contact the restaurant for current information).

O´learys Borlänge


At Cozmoz arena, located a two-minute walk from Borlänge city center, Live long live arranges live concerts with well-known artists, mainly from the Swedish music and stand-up scene. Follow Live long live on social media for information and upcoming events.

Live long live


Flabben Comedy arranges the best kind of stand-up events at Borken Dreams (located next to the train station in Borlänge). Keep track of upcoming club nights on social media.

Flabben Comedy


Sparkling Thursdays at Hermans Bistro, the perfect everyday luxury. They offers good food and nice atmosphere with a little extra focus on sparkling wine every Thursday. (in Sweden, sparkling wine is called bubbel). And of course there are non-alcoholic alternatives! Contact the restaurant for table reservations.

Hermans Bistro & Deli


Äteriet has a perfect solution if you want to cook a nice Friday dinner but have limited time or space! They prepare the food in the restaurant, and you arrange the last things at home before the food is ready to be served. Have a look at their website for more information and current menu.



Basta! & Pinchos, Detailed presentation under Nightlife activities Falun.




You will find more tips on nice places to visit on Borlänge city center's website, all within walking distance of Campus Borlänge!

Borlänge centrum


Nightlife acitivties in Falun

Something you can’t miss is Heymakers! Heymakers offers a excessive amount of activities: bowling, VR games, karaoke, shuffleboard, digital darts and billiards. If that’s not enough, there is also a restaurant, bar and nightclub. Keep track of their event calendar, they host concerts with artists from all around the world!

Do you want to be outdoors but think it's way too cold? Then we have a solution for you! Visit Bistro Le Parc to play Boule in an environment created to give an outdoor feeling. Do you think there is a retirement warning on Boule? No danger, you can drink well and even play shuffleboard.
Bistro Le Parc

Fancy a simple dinner in a cool World Heritage environment? Spruthuset may be a little small, but there are plenty of standing places in the bar, where you will find beer that is brewed next door. The menu is small but nibbling good and it suits a student budget. When it's warm enough, the outdoor terrace opens, which is downright magical. If you are lucky, there will also be live music!

For those who like to dance, you can find a dance floor at O’learys. But that's not the only thing O'Leary's in Falun has to offer. Here you can also play shuffleboard and enjoy sports!
O’learys Falun

Fancy a trip to Italy, but the travel fund is not what it should be? No worries! In Falun (and Borlänge) is the Instagram-friendly Italian restaurant Basta. And what do we mean by Instagram-friendly? The owner is an architect and works to ensure that interior design and lighting are as photo-friendly as possible. The food is beautifully presented and tastes delicious! Bon Appetité!

Are you in for a extraordinary dinner experience? Make sure that you pay a visit to the Circus themed restaurant Pinchos. You order your food in their app, and you go and get it yourself. The dishes are small, which is perfect, because then you can try a lot of different dishes and this also makes it suitable for a students wallet.

Falun is the hometown of a wide range of restaurant that are really nice. Make sure to visit as many as you can! A tip is to follow "Centrala Stadsrum" to get the latest information about "Taste Falun". It is a concept where you buy one or more booklets with coupons that during the event are exchanged for tasting portions at the participating eateries that you choose to visit. A good way to try many restaurants, but with a smaller budget.
More restaurants in Falun
Centrala Stadsrum Instagram


Outdoor activities Borlänge

Downhill skiing!
The student union have a deal with Romme Alpin and you will get a better price. Contact the student union for more information.
Romme alpin

Cross country skiing!
If you want cross country skiing close to the nature, you should visit Gyllbergen. If you want to go closer to the city center, you have Bergebo.
More information

Make sure to visit one of the beaches that Borlänge has to offer.

Strap on your hiking shoes (or comfortable sneakers) and spend a day at Gyllberg, a nature preserve outside of Borlänge.
List of haiking tracks in Borlänge
Download the app “Naturkartan”, it’s a great app to find tracks for hiking. Use the map to explore trails close to Borlänge.

Outdoor activities Falun

Downhill skiing!
In total you have 3 different downhill ski centers in Falun.  
The one closest to the city center is called Källviksbacken, this is a smaller one. There is another small one located in Svärdsjö (Svärdsjöliften). The biggest one that Falun has to offer is Bjursås Skicenter. It takes about 45 min to go there by bus.
Bjursås Skicenter

Cross country skiing!
There are plenty of places to cross country ski in Falun. The ski arena closest to Campus is Lugnet. If you are a beginner, maybe it is easier to go skiing on one of the lakes: Runn, Vällan or Varpan (no scary downhills here). You also have some trails in the forest: Stångtjärn, Pumpen and our favorite Sörskog (you will need a car to get to Sörskog).
More information & more

Make sure to visit one of the beaches that Falun has to offer.
Beaches Falun

There are plenty of places to go hiking in Falun. The one that are most accessible is Lugnet. You can easily go there from the student accommodation Britsen.
List of haiking tracks in Falun
Download the app “Naturkartan”, it’s a great app to find tracks for hiking. Use the map to explore trails close to Falun.

Biking is big in Dalarna and Falun. You can go downhill och MTB in the forest.
More information


Culture Borlänge

Art gallery
Borlänge Modern

Culture Falun

Art gallery, Concert hall & Event arena



Sport activities Borlänge


Dalarna University Sports group
 Sportmästeriet Borlänge


Sport activities Falun
Lugnet sports arena

Dalarna University Sports group
Sportmästeriet Falun


Gyms Borlänge

Friskis och Svettis is located close to Campus Borlänge.
Friskis Borlänge

Actic is close to the student accomondation Locus.
Actic Borlänge

Må Bättre is a gym located in the city center.
Må Bättre

Gyms Falun

Actic Britsarvet is close to the student accomondation Britsen.
Actic Britsarvet

Avanti Sports club is close to the student accomondations Tallen and Regementet
Avanti Sports club

Actic Lugnet is close to Campus Falun.
Actic Lugnet

Member 24 is located in the city center and is open 24h.

Member 24


Usefull links
Visit Dalarna, this is a webpage with tourist destinations in Dalarna. You will find plenty of useful information on this site. Not only where to go, but also activities, restaurants and cafés.  
Tourist information Dalarna

If you would like to go on a longer trip where you have to find some accommodation on site, the Swedish tourist association has a lot of good housing to offer for a fair price.
The Swedish tourist association

The Student union Festmästeriet Falun  
Information about student parties in Falun
The Student union Festmästeriet Borlänge -
Information about student parties in Borlänge

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